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Nature Trails are not mass tourism

"Away from the normal sightseeing tours"

We say thank you to Fabian an his exellent assessment in tripadvisor!

The following words can much better describe the Nature Trails excursion:



But this would still not be enough to give credit to the Nature Trails team.

The booking and the organisation:

Booking the tour from Germany was uncomplicated and very quick with all relevent details about the tour and what to expect.

One day before the planned excursion date, the Nature Trails team still phoned us at the hotel for a final confirmation.

The tour:

Alain was right on time to meet us directly in the hotel lobby. We picked up two other guests and we were straight on our war to discover "Mauritius from above". His driving style through sugarcane fields or forests was very defensive and very comfortable for the fellow passengers while constantly explaining different aspects of the life on his island. Just by sitting with him, one could already see his easy going and relaxing way of doing things. We saw stunning viewpoints and we experienced the island in a manner that normal tourists doing the classical tours would definitely never see.

The lunch at Cindy's place was a treat. Even our special request for a vegan meal was meticulously respected!!!

The tour lasted about 8-9 hours and we were back at the hotel around 16:15pm.

For someone looking to experience the real Mauritius in a completely different way away from the crowds, Nature Trails is the perfect option.

The price is very acceptable and the excursion is definitely worth it.

The team offers an extremely high service level that should also be taken into account.

December 2015


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