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Sweetheart Dodo Bird

The story of the Dodo bird from Mauritius.

Today, we'll talk about the famous Dodo bird which is unfortunately extinct.

300 years ago disappeared the Dodo bird thanks to the stupidity and ignorance of the European settlers. In 1598 landed the Dutch Admiral Van Neck on the island and discovered a flightless bird which they named "Dodo". It was strangely big and heavy; about 1 meter high and weighed about 20Kgs. It had a red spot on the beak and his wings were far too small for his weight and thus could not fly. It laid a yellowish colour egg in a nest on the ground. As it knew no predators, it did not even have to hide its nest.

During the rainy season, it found plenty of food which helped it to survive the dry season with little food.

The last sighting of a Dodo was in the year 1690 and since then, it has never been observed again and was declared an extinct species. The introduced mammals like pigs, rats and monkeys contributed largely to the rapid decline of the Dodo population. Even if the Dodo meat and eggs were not very tasty, the seafarers welcomed this abundance of fresh meat and eggs.

It took only 100 years for the Europeans to decimate a species of bird that took thousands of years to evolve into a flightless bird which knew no predators and wasn't afraid of humans.

Today, the Dodo bird is still a kind of Superstar and everybody know about it. As it could only be found on Mauritius, it's even represented on the emblem of Mauritius.

We wish we could show the Dodo bird to our guests and we are sure it wouldn't have run away!

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