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The very best of Mauritius

This very nice commet from our client, you can also read in tripadvisor.

"The very best of Mauritius"

If after that very long flight to get there, you still think that Mauritius is only sandy beaches, Watersports, Eating and drinking, then, you got it all wrong.

To discover the island as it really is and to learn much more about the island and it's people, there's nothing better than with Nature Trails and their guide, Alain.

Just at the beginning of our holidays, we straight away booked two tours with Nature Trails and wanted to have Alain as our guide. One tour was to discover the inside of the island and the second tour was a round the island trip.

Alain was right on time to meet us at the hotel to start the island tour. We drove in a very comfortable and pleasantly airconditioned four wheel drive vehicle or made short walks through sugarcane fields and private land where only Nature Trails had special access to some breathtaking viewpoints. The views were spectacular and Alain always had a map of the island handy and immediately explained where we were, some plants around us and what we could see. We saw waterfalls, deers, plants which Alain explained and we even saw the rare Pink Pigeaon of Mauritius. The lunch at Cindy's place was a real highlight. We tasted real, homemade Mauritian cuisine at its best. Cindy was a nice hostess and had a very pleasant personality. She explained the different spices she used and how she prepared the food.

During our round the island tour, Alain showed us some quiet beaches that make Mauritius so unique, the famous red church of Cap Malheureux and of course, he also drove us to his "private" breathtaking viewpoints. With both tours combined together, we managed to see the whole of Mauritius from above.

Alain is Mauritian and knows his island like nobody else. 13 years ago, we also did a tour with him and this time again, we really enjoyed his company and presonality. He is an excellent and very careful driver. He gladly shares all the ins and outs of the island and it was also a pleasure to discuss various subjects with him.

This excursion is a must for people who want to learn more about the island and discover the quiet side of the island and how the people really live. Please book well in advance as this excursion is very regularly fully booked.

Thank you Hannelore for the perfect organisation and precious advice and thank you Alain for the unforgettable moments.

February 2015

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