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Nature Trails is part of the program "Zwischen Hamburg und Haiti", broadcasted on radio channel NDR 2 on Sunday, 13.3.2016. During the emission our scout Alain provides interesting glimpses into the unique nature of our island. If you do not want to listen to the entire 30-minutes program about Mauritius you just select the program segment about Nature Trails which starts at minute 13.20. Cindy, our passionate cook, who takes care of the physical well-being of our guests by serving a delicious mix of Creole-Indian kitchen is praised as well at minute 18.24. It is said that she is the best cook far and wide. We are absolutely pleased that our idea to serve lunch at a private Mauritian home instead of a public restaurant is so well received by our guests and even Mr. Schlueter from the ARD Studio. We are very happy and grateful that NDR has chosen Nature Trails - Exploring Mauritius for its magnificent travel program. A big "Thank You" to Mr. Schlueter and ARD German Radio.  

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